Construction makes up around 6 percent of British economic output

UK, November 15, 2017.- Structural analysis of the construction sector throughout the year of 2017 has described a complex reality. In this article, we review reports from Reuters and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) to explore Britain’s current construction economy.

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#Productivity: The Route to #Brexit Success (and Part Nº 2)

Synthesis from McKinsey & Company Discussion Paper

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UK, January 18, 2017.-The Productivity Leadership Group’s research identifies six areas in which companies can make productivity-enhancing improvements: digitisation, commercial excellence, talent management, planning for the future, leadership, and operational efficiency. Policy makers can play a part in encouraging better management by having a strong competition and consumer-protection regime, encouraging companies to export, reducing restrictions on imports, promoting the adoption of digital and other new technologies, and supporting training programmes for workers.

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#Productivity: The route to #Brexit success (Part Nº1)

Synthesis from McKinsey & Company discussion paper

UK, January 13, 2017.- The United Kingdom’s post-Brexit future is uncertain. But one thing is clear: boosting economic growth will depend heavily on addressing long-standing productivity challenges. The UK government has committed itself to implementing the outcome of the June 23, 2016 referendum, when voters opted to leave the European Union. The big question is: what next? Most forecasts of how Brexit will affect the economy are pessimistic. Yet the economy has long faced challenges, such as weak growth, uneven wealth creation, and low productivity. 

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2017: In search of the lost certainty

UK, December 20, 2016. – Summarizing 2016 in the construction sector in the United Kingdom is a complex activity. Each company has our opinion, our valuation over the last twelve months. For this reason, we have decided to go to a medium of communication, a market player with capacity for observation, information and share constructive analysis. Next, we publish the 2016 summary and what may happen in 2017, by Construction News. We would like your own opinion in this Forum Formwork:

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