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Guidance on Caring for Formwork Timber Beams

Guidance on Caring for Formwork Timber Beams by Doka

Doka UK, June 16, 2020.- Formwork timber beams are one of the most widely used components within the construction industry and carry an extensive range of uses. Doka wooden formwork beams form the basis for many traditional formwork systems and hundreds of thousands of these carefully manufactured beams are used on countless construction sites every day. […]

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The Real Face of Construction 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a significant impact on construction projects across the country. Whilst the majority of infrastructure projects were able to implement the Site Operating Procedures without too many delays, city centre building sites and those with limited space have taken time to adjust to the new ways of working. The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is also looking at a recovery plan for the industry and how to release workers from furlough in a phased manner. Following its statement on payment and Contracts earlier this month, the CLC also continues to call for collaborative ways of working to avoid costly contractual disputes which are more than likely to result in insolvencies. While construction clients have responded in different ways, the government has been very clear on the response expected from public sector clients. Earlier this month the Cabinet Office published supplementary guidance notes for construction contracts to support contracting authorities in implementing PPN 02/20 – supplier relief due to covid-19. […]

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9 key construction technological trends to look out for in the next decade

Many construction companies in the UK and around the world are investing in new technologies. Some of these include Building Information Modelling (BIM), Augmented Reality and various other cloud-based services. Over the past decade, we have seen the industry adapt to new technologies with a few of the benefits including increased productivity, higher levels of safety, the ability to attract new customers and also the best talent into the industry. With these technological trends set to shape the construction industry throughout the next decade, we take a closer look at this topic. […]

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