About Doka

We are able to look back on a long history of understanding. Listening intently, understanding the world as seen through the eyes of our customers, learning to understand all aspects and thinking ahead. We are passionate about not being satisfied with the first solution that might get the job done. Rather, we continue fine-tuning it until we come up with a true advantage for our customers. This is the only way a small woodworking shop could grow into a globally operating formwork company known by the brand name Doka since 1956.

Passionate about making our customers sites more efficient, productive and safe

We focus not only on products, we focus on construction processes. How can our customers achieve more with fewer expenditures? Which detail can be optimized? Which formwork service provides a cost saving? These are thoughts running through our heads over and over again in cooperation with our customers so that we can help you overcome your challenges on-site.

Operating within the UK for over 20 years, we have locations in Sittingbourne, Sheffield and Glasgow in order to be close to our customers and can leverage the wider Doka group production, technical and product expertise when required.

Our customers worldwide can benefit from the values that have grown from it being a family owned business in operation for almost 150 years: reliability, experience and trustworthiness. Especially in terms of global competition, our values provide us with a solid foundation for developing, renting and selling high quality, safe formwork and shoring solutions for sectors including transport, energy, water, commercial & office, health & education and multi-family apartment construction.