2050: #Construction works without humans?

UK, September 11, 2017.- The speed of revolution 4.0 is the fastest of all times. The Internet connection to all the objects we work with every day will be more intense every year. Augmented reality and virtual reality are secured this year because smartphone makers have decided. These and other innovations will make possible the construction works without humans ?. This scenario has been raised by UK Construction On Line with this result:

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Will you trust your construction project to virtual reality?

UK, July 12, 2017. – Virtual reality technology will be in our hands sooner than originally planned. Technology giants, Google, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft are working to market virtual reality products and services for any market. And of course, for the creation and development of construction projects. Here, we recall a Construction Enquirer analysis of this technology.

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The strength of the #english #economy

UK, February 24, 2017.- Britain’s economy likely expanded by 0.7 percent in the three months to January, quickening slightly from the fourth quarter, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research said on Friday. Its estimate follows the publication of industrial output and trade data for December, which underlined the economy’s strong end to 2016. NIESR cited consumer spending and a pick-up in industrial production as the main drivers behind the economy.”Despite our estimates indicating a strong start of 2017, we expect economic growth to soften to 1.7 per cent this year as rising consumer price inflation weighs on consumer spending,” said Oriol Carreras, a research fellow at NIESR. NIESR’s prediction lies in the upper range of forecasts among economists polled by Reuters, but it is still less optimistic than the Bank of England’s expectation that the economy will grow 2 percent this year. A Reuters poll published last month showed that, on average, economists expect the rate of GDP growth to almost halve this year to 1.2 percent.

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IoT + Construction: Safer and more efficient civil works

UK, February 20, 2017. Today, the smartphone you carry in your pocket has more technology than the first space vehicle that came to the moon. Never before, the human being lived such a dizzying evolution thanks to the hardware, the software and the connection that unites them: Internet.

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