The Digital Transformation of Construction

Doka UK, February 2, 2018.- The adoption of emerging technologies by the construction sector will follow a different path for each company. In some cases, virtual reality glasses are very useful for the design of a building, but perhaps it is less useful for construction workers. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a topic which we have discussed in several blog articles, can be a technological advance applicable to many construction activities. Drones can also be an easy device to enter the construction industry, both for their costs and for their easy handling. Due to innovations like these along with the progressive digitalisation, we are now going to take a closer look into various new technologies which offer new solutions to the industry.

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The Best Connectivity Options for Construction in Industry 4.0

UK, October 24, 2017.- Construction sites require quick and flexible connectivity even before the start of a project, yet many sites still struggle to get reliable broadband and phonelines. In this particular article, Countrywide Telecoms explore several options which a site agent can choose to employ into their site: 

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2050: #Construction works without humans?

UK, September 11, 2017.- The speed of revolution 4.0 is the fastest of all times. The Internet connection to all the objects we work with every day will be more intense every year. Augmented reality and virtual reality are secured this year because smartphone makers have decided. These and other innovations will make possible the construction works without humans ?. This scenario has been raised by UK Construction On Line with this result:

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