The Profitability of Safety & Doka’s added value safety record in Construction

Doka UK The Profitability of Safety & Doka's added value safety record in Construction

UK, 1st September 2016 –   Investing in safety is profitable and indeed necessary. Safety is one of the fundamental human needs. In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his thesis:A Theory of Human Motivation’.  He stated in a hierarchy of the human needs: as we keep satisfying our basic needs, we, human beings, keep developing new needs and higher levels of desires. After 73 years, this philosophy is still valid and relevant today and applies to oneself or to a group or even a Construction project.  In the first stage, primary human needs consist of breathing, eating, resting and having sex. Once these primary needs are satisfied, us human being start looking for new needs and the 2nd stage longs for safety. From Maslow’s perspective, safety involves physical, employment, material resources, morals, family, health and private property.  There are three further stages; love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. But let’s focus on safety.

The lack of Safety manifests itself in either the increase of risk or the lowering in trust in something or someone. In other words, it relates to the interdisciplinary science that evaluates, studies and manages the risks to which a person, a physical object or an environment are exposed. Each construction project will have its hierarchy of needs, and safety, for sure, will be the highest priority. Especially for the UK Construction Industry if we are to improve on the industries safety record as recently published by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for July 2016.

Added Value

The recent report published by International Social Security Association (ISSA) calculated the financial return for installing a strong safety prevention measures for companies.The financial crux of installing and operating a safe working environment in hard financial terms is:

Cost:              €1200/employee/year

Benefit:          €2645/employee/year

Payback:        2.2 multiple.

When a contractor engages Doka, we always put the benefits of safety and having a safe working environment first. Our next priority is to achieve high onsite efficiencies by the means of using Doka’s highly productive formwork systems, combined with a highly effective integrated service offering; including competitive designs, pre and post construction consultancy, logistics planning, on-site supervision and easily understood contract close options. Doka helps your decision making based on its knowledge and expertise. The sooner Doka’s technical staff contributes with their know-how and expertise to the project; resulting in efficient production phases within the construction project. Doka guides you through the project until its successful closing, developing long-term collaborations with its clients. 

The Profitability of Safety & Doka's added value safety record in Construction

Doka: The safest formwork technology

For Doka, expert in formwork solutions for any kind of building works, safety is always the number one need to be fulfilled. With ongoing Construction projects in over 70 countries, our company history clearly proves our ability to deliver. Today we want to focus on our new slab formwork product: Dokadek 30.

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Dokadek 30 is latest generation slab formwork, beam-less, hand-set and simple to use formwork system designed around a 2.44 m x 1.22 m lightweight steel construction with yellow powder coated frames faced with a wood/plastic-composite sheet. Dokadek 30 delivers the advantages of a pre-assembled formwork panels, its 3 m² large panels make it fastest in its class for slab formwork and the safest decking system which can be erected and dismantled from below the slab under construction.

To learn more about the benefits of Dokadek 30 from DOKA UK’s team of professionals. Contact us at:

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