Climbing systems: Getting it right for every project

Contemporary architecture is dominated by ever higher buildings and ever more complex geometries. The success of such projects depends to a large part on successful optimisation of the construction process. In the field of high-rise construction, the decision for the appropriate climbing system has a huge impact on time and cost. As a result, diligent operations scheduling is of crucial importance in order to find the optimal formwork solution. Factors such as cycle time, construction method, type of reinforcement and site equipment must be taken into account during the planning phase. […]

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A new era for public transportation in Scotland: Forth Replacement Crossing 2017

Update on September 21, 2016, Construction Enquirer: Queensferry bridge sets record as longest free-standing cantilever Contractors building the £1.3bn Queensferry Crossing have set a new record by creating the the longest free-standing cantilever in the world at 644m. The structure will become the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world. The bridge deck sections are edging closer and closer by […]

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The Profitability of Safety & Doka’s added value safety record in Construction

Doka UK The Profitability of Safety & Doka's added value safety record in Construction

Investing in safety is profitable and indeed necessary. Safety is one of the fundamental human needs. In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his thesis:‘A Theory of Human Motivation’. He stated in a hierarchy of the human needs: as we keep satisfying our basic needs, we, human beings, keep developing new needs and higher levels of desires. After 73 years, this philosophy is still valid and relevant today and applies to oneself or to a group or even a Construction project. In the first stage, primary human needs consist of breathing, eating, resting and having sex. Once these primary needs are satisfied, us human being start looking for new needs and the 2nd stage longs for safety. From Maslow’s perspective, safety involves physical, employment, material resources, morals, family, health and private property. There are three further stages; love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. But let’s focus on safety. […]

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