IoT + Construction: Safer and more efficient civil works

Precisely, the Internet, with its scarce 50 years, is what has allowed the greatest advances in the way of organizing our personal and professional lives. Without looking back, in a quick synthesis, the computer was born as a large object, owned by large corporations and centers of study. If the birth of the Internet is set in 1969, the era of a computer in each house was born in the mid-seventies with the concept of Apple I (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak). Afterwards, the success of the Windows operating system (Microsoft) consolidated since 1985 the massive computerization of the homes of developed countries. 22 years later, in 2007, Steve Jobs again accelerates our technological evolution with the presentation of the iPhone, and months later the iPad. And everything changed. Telecommunications companies had to invest heavily in their fixed and mobile networks to provide high data connections. Today, we have “computers connected to the Internet” on a clock, glasses, headphones, a car, a washing machine … and tomorrow in the mirror of the bathroom, in the clothes, at the door of our office, etc. The next evolution (IoT) will be augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic images, cloud computing, smart robots, the use of drones, electric vehicles and freeways on the ground, flying vehicles, transport to more than 1,000 Km / hr. Amazing. […]

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