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UK, July 16, 2017. – Construction News magazine has celebrated its annual awards one more year. Awards to different categories in the construction sector. We inform you that this year Doka UK has had the honor of receiving: Commercial Innovation of the Year. Here are the arguments of Construction News magazine:

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Doka’s Concremote was crowned the Commercial Innovation of the Year by the panel of expert judges after demonstrating a product that has the potential to make massive savings across the construction industry.

The Concremote, which was introduced in 2016, allows construction firms to digitally monitor their concrete mix by providing live data on the temperature and hydration of in-situ concrete.

Using high-powered batteries with US military technology, the Concremote acts as a digital sensor and data transmitter that precisely monitors the state of poured concrete.

The judges were impressed by the Concremote’s immediate impact: by using the technology, firms reported a 23 per cent reduction in cost, a 19 per cent reduction in construction programme time, and a 26 per cent boost to concrete quality.

The data gathered by Concremote all feeds back to an analysis platform, meaning data can be extracted and integrated into existing BIM models to help track the quality of the concrete mix.

“The technology brings concrete into the digital age to bring huge benefits to contractors and clients”

Judges’ comment

DOKA UKThis allows clients and contractors to maintain precise records of what exactly has gone into the concrete, including measures of maximum temperature, which helps to avoid any reduction in the concrete’s final strength. The technology also provides thermal models for different types of concrete.

It has already been used across a number of high-profile projects, including Crossrail, Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, Mace’s Newington Butts development and Multiplex’s White Collar Factory scheme on London’s Old Street.

It has also been used by concrete frame contractor AJ Morrisroe, which said the technology had allowed it to get involved at the preconstruction stage to influence designs – helping to provide more value engineering on projects as a result.

The judges felt the technology performed a vital function through a simple, easy-to-use design that provided real benefits to the industry.

“I remember concrete curing time was [often] guesswork in terms of how long it took to set,” one judge commented. “But this takes the guesswork out of work on site.”

The judges added that the product was “a true commercial innovation” which had the potential to make huge savings for the wider construction sector. 

Doka’s Concremote brings a trade that’s been done with little or no change for decades, and brings it into the digital age to bring huge benefits to contractors and clients,” they said.

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